01/27/2016 - News

Celebrating an innovative decade with FUSE

January 27, 2016 marked a decade of our partnership with FUSE, a University of Calgary multi- disciplinary student organization committed to innovation and sustainability in energy. Thirteen Total employees joined over 200 students, academia and industry professions at the annual FUSE networking event.

Over the past decade, TEPCA has witnessed FUSE, and the many students involved, transform from a small, grassroots student organization into a unique, professional group dedicated to change.

Focusing on the future of energy, the evening enticed the inventive solutions and approach we all need to take to address the issues facing our industry.

“Innovation, economics, environment and societal impact demand that we commit ourselves to better energy, here and around the world,” said Laurent Maurel, President & CEO. “Better energy expresses our dedication to continual improvements in regards to safety, environment and access to energy.”

The event also hosted keynote speaker Jay Ingram, co-founder of Beakerhead and former Daily Planet co-host, who discussed the challenges and opportunities around communicating innovative ideas to others.

Solving the world's most pressing energy and sustainability issues, won’t be easy.  Better energy will require a strong community of passionate individuals dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and flexibility like never before.

“These collaborative opportunities would not be possible without the generous support of Total over the last 10 years. We at Fuse Collective, and on behalf of the hundreds of students who benefit from our events, are extremely grateful for this lasting partnership,” shared Samantha Visser, Co-Chair, Fuse Collective.  “As the momentum for the sustainability movement continues to surge, we hope to continue developing high caliber initiatives and stimulating world-changing discussions in the decades to come."

Congratulations to an inspiring and innovative decade FUSE! Please click here to learn more.