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Bruno: an innovator and enthusiast

Working as a Development Engineer since 2010, Bruno’s outstanding research qualities contribute to the growth of Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry in the field of high performance composites.

A passion for scientific collaboration 

Bruno started as an engineer intern at Hutchinson, while completing his master’s degree. Higher education, research and innovation brought him to Hutchinson, and are the same qualities that continue to motivate him both personally and professionally. “From more than talent, intelligence, and even genius, excellence comes from effort and passion,” says Bruno.

Empowered by innovation

While completing his thesis project for his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Bruno improved a manufacturing process for interior panels for aircraft. This technology could produce stronger, less expensive parts faster than rival processes, and Hutchinson successfully adopted the process for manufacturing parts in composite materials. The innovative approach has increased the robustness of the process by reducing the non-quality and labor times.  “Today my process is constantly in use and always evolving,” shares Bruno. It now includes other manufacturing purposes such as primary and secondary structural parts for aerospace and mass transit applications. 

Driven to improve

Each day at work brings a new exciting challenge to Bruno and the R&D team he manages. As project manager on his own research project, Bruno and his team coordinate and participate in design and product development engineering. This includes defining risks, uncertainties and any technical impacts to come to a better recommendation and decision on the path forward. He also generates technical progress reports, including timelines and costs, to submit to management, partners and government agencies. 



Default description.

“From more than talent, intelligence, even genius, excellence comes from effort and passion.”

Short Resume


Research and Development Engineer for Hutchinson Aerospace Ltd.



Master’s degree (M.Ing) in mechanical engineering



Bachelor (B.Ing) in mechanical engineering



Technical training (DEC) in composite materials